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SCPUHF 4 zone UHF radio paging system
Scope 4-zone on-site paging kits
Best-selling 4 Zone Paging Kit comprises a 4 Zone UHF PageTek transmitter, pager and a 1/4 wave aerial
Available in mains powered (PSCPEGN) and 12V dc (SCPUHF) versions
Optional internal battery backup for PSCPEGN
Inputs are volt-free normally open or normally closed, with Zone 4 also able to support a 12V trigger
Triggering a zone displays the active zone number on the pager together with a distinct beep
Can be configured to send repeat calls at preset intervals whilst zone remains triggered
the supplied pager features selectable beep styles and a vibrate mode, ideal for hard of hearing and discrete alerting. Programmable features prevent the pager from being accidentally switched off or into a different mode
Typical ranges of up to 1 mile with aerial supplied. External aerials available for very large sites. See Antennas
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