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RX2 Mk 2 POCSAG logging receiver

Compact and versatile POCSAG logging receiver.

The new RX2 Mk2 is a complete re-design of the original RX2OEM. It is now supplied cased and programmed ready to go, though there is still an OEM uncased version available.

It has two zones with relay outputs, a RS232 output and a USB port for programming. There is also a microSD slot with 8Gb card for recording event log data. The card also contains the programming software enabling complete control of the configuration of the unit from a PC and for downloading and analysing the data contained in the log. It is also possible to monitor live incoming data in text and graphical format.

Declaration of conformity

  Key Features:  
  • Receives, monitors and logs POCSAG data
  • Two zone relay outputs, RS232 output, USB programming port
  • MicroSD slot for event logging
  • PC software supplied
  • High quality category 1.5 receiver module, EN 300 220-1 v3.1
  • Frequency range of 430MHz to 470 MHz
  • Power requirement is 12v - 13.8v DC, maximum current draw is 126mA